Tuesday, June 21, 2016

RALPH - Cold To The Touch

RALPH (aka Raffa Weyman) is a Toronto-based newcomer spinning pop on its head, somersaulting in the same move. 
Her new song, ‘Cold to the Touch’, is about the emotions at play in “a casual fling”, but it’s such an A-grade banger it could be about anything. Sharp, jolting, chock full of slap bass - it’s a magnetic introduction to Weyman’s slick touch. 
And in a year stuffed with massive chart-ready singles, RALPH’s latest is up there with the best of them. ‘80s nodding without being a mere tribute, it’s a flashy, glossy glimpse of the future.
My Review:
RALPH is brining back some of the 80's techno sound that I love so much.  Here voice reminds me of the great eighties band Berlin.  
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